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Trends To Watch Out For In 2022

An ancient Greek philosopher named Heraclitus once said: “change is the only constant.” His statement definitely holds true, and never more so than now.  In the past two years, constant upheaval has been a running theme with the overhaul of the economy due to the Covid-19 pandemic, with many businesses struggling to adapt in order…

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The Five Tenets of Good Copywriting

Breaking news: copywriters are the new sales representatives!  As more and more brands take their businesses online, the responsibility of selling a company’s products by engaging and educating companies’ target markets falls to copywriters. Consequently, the strategies digital marketing agencies put in place for their clients rely largely on their copywriters’ ability to create clear,…

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The Best Interactive Video Platforms to Try Right Now

With the  recent surge of commercial content on the internet due to the pandemic, one of the biggest names on digital marketers’ lips right now is interactive video technology.  There’s a compelling case for the efficacy of interactive videos for digital marketing. In addition to possessing a sense of novelty, it garners  higher engagement levels…

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How To Build Strong Client-Agency Relationships

Relationship management is a hugely important cornerstone of any successful digital marketing agency. No matter how ingenious your digital marketing solutions are, how advanced your technological prowess is, or how many tips, tricks, and strategies you have up your sleeve, none of it accomplishes anything if you can’t create and cultivate meaningful connections with potential…

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Digital Marketing of Today

Today’s world is unrecognizable. It’s fast paced. It’s ever changing. Take a trip down to downtown KL and just soak it all in. New buildings, structures shooting up from the ground like crops of plantations. Construction sites all over the city as the landscape reorders every week. Witness the hustle & bustle of the streets,…

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Interview with Marketing Interactive on #Kendylife x Malaysia Airports Collaboration

A recent resurfacing of our work with resident artist and internationally renown artist @Kendylife and Malaysia Airports (KLIA) through SGAG (link here) got noticed by the folks at Marketing Interactive and gave us our first break among the big boys (our first formal feature yay!)    But this wasn’t the first time our work was featured…

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