Interview with Marketing Interactive on #Kendylife x Malaysia Airports Collaboration

Interview with Marketing Interactive on #Kendylife x Malaysia Airports Collaboration

A recent resurfacing of our work with resident artist and internationally renown artist @Kendylife and Malaysia Airports (KLIA) through SGAG (link here) got noticed by the folks at Marketing Interactive and gave us our first break among the big boys (our first formal feature yay!)


But this wasn’t the first time our work was featured at a viral page of this size… a year ago, it was @Mashable – link here who put us on the world map first!



We’re really glad our bold content marketing strategy helped our client to inform the world that they are serious about toilet hygiene in Malaysia’s airports, and are doing something about it!

Read the Marketing Interactive piece here:


Or read the full interview with Kendrick our CBDO below!

What sparked you to create this poster?
To be honest, it is basically my own experience using public toilets and just simply irritated by the fact that simple common sense was not practiced in order to keep them clean. I mean, everyone needs to use the toilet right, especially in the airport, so why make life difficult for the cleaners and others when we can do our part and do it right?

Is it up on all the toilets at KLIA?
Yes, there are a total of 6 versions of what we call the toilet series throughout KLIA.

When did this poster first go up in at KLIA’s toilets?
It went up last year before Christmas 2016 as one of MAHB’s efforts to improve the toilet standards and cleanliness with the public’s support.

Any idea how long the poster will be up?
Not at this point of time. I hope it will be long 🙂

Is this part of a series of toilet posters?
Yes! there are a total of 6 versions of this comics throughout KLIA. Both Male and Female toilets hold different messages for their epic viewing pleasure 😂

Are you collaborating with KLIA on this?
Yes, this was an idea brainstormed together with Malaysia Airports Holdings Berhad and my digital agency, where I am both the resident artist and partner. It is great that they are bold enough to go through with this direction as not many brands would be daring enough. The outcome of this campaign alone, being featured on both and SGAG as well as shared by many passengers from different countries on popular social media channels, shows how effective a bold 360 content marketing solution can be.

How did you get inspiration for this poster?
Both MAHB and I decided to use a combination of satire and chibi+doodle combo (my personalised style) to deliver the potentially sensitive message. In my experience creating content for #Kendylife and SocialGroove’s clients, this strategy not only is effective in hitting home our intended message, but also careful to not offend the reading party 🙂


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