Video Production

We help your brand curate videos, ads and stories that build stronger brand-audience relationships by creating cherishable experiences.


Story Development

The process of transforming brainstormed ideas into fully fleshed stories or pitches.

Storyboard Conception

Beefing up the storyline by creating and determining plot points, scene looks, photographic references, transitions and character related elements.

Script Writing

Churning out details such as character dialogue, scene settings, and actions that take place throughout the videos in meticulous detail.

Video Production

This process entails both offline processes which include video shooting and directing, up until when the video shoot finally reaches a wrap.

Video Editing

This is the online process which includes post-production processes such as editing, cutting, colour grading, video transcribing, and subtitling.

Case Study

Wing Heong

Already the best selling Bakkwa franchise in Malaysia, Wing Heong were looking to further cement their place at the top by targeting to achieve sales outside of Chinese New Year period proximity. Therefore came in and proposed a strategic social media campaign that expands throughout the year and includes video production.


More than 1.7M delivered impressions on FB and IG
More than 150k views on YouTube
More than 51k total engagements

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