Digital Analytics

We specialise in gathering performance, audience and communal insights for ROI optimisiation across different social media platforms.


Performance Marketing

Using results-driven strategy for your digital advertising by interacting and reaching your target audiences at scale, while also measuring how well your campaigns are working.

Audience Analytics

Generate in-depth metrics and data points to gain deeper level of insight to how successful campaigns are across disparate social media channels.

Competitor Analytics

We help produce a competitive analysis of competitors, how you stack up against others in your industry, identify new opportunities and acknowledging potential threats.

Influencer Analytics

Understand exactly how each influencer will and is impacting your campaign goals. Start to generate reports with credible data to identify which influencers work best.

Monthly Reports

We produce analysis of social media postings, campaigns, performance marketing and more on a monthly basis.

Case Study

Looking to establish themselves amidst politcal rife, stepped in and ensured a successful launch in September 2020. Following a smooth initiation, they went on to become Malaysia's fastest-growing online news portal.

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