Kendrick’s Surprise B-Day Bash!

Kendrick’s Surprise B-Day Bash!

😷🤒 The COVID-19 pandemic has been a difficult change for all of us to adapt to and throughout our time apart, we Groovers stayed strong and worked as hard as we always did. 💪

But Kendrick did so much more. 🏋️

surprise, kendrick!

Our COO checked in on every one of us, every single day. 🙋‍♂️ Searching for inspirational quotes 💬 to share on a daily basis before evolving into poems 📝 and songs 🎶. If we ever felt lost, Kendrick was always there to help steer us back on track. 🧭

No words can describe just how grateful we are that you’re a part of our team, Kendrick. 💞 You really are #oneinchameleon! 🦎 Happy birthday, boss! 🎂🎉