Social Groove Solutions Wins Lenovo Legion Contract!

Social Groove Solutions Wins Lenovo Legion Contract!

Want to hear some exciting news?

We are very proud to announce that our humble agency, Social Grooves, managed to grab the international giant, Lenovo Legion! What’s more, we’re not only in charge of the Malaysian social media, but we also create the content and analyse the data for all the countries involved with Legion within the Asia-Pacific (APAC) region! 🎉

To clarify, we do everything for Legion Malaysia, and other involved APAC countries will follow our example. Aside from content creation, we generate reports, work on creative development and many more. It’s true, Marketing-Interactive themselves said so here!

Have we mentioned how privileged we feel to represent such a big client, and for the whole APAC region to boot? Because we really are! With so many countries that have their own little cultural differences and nuances, being able to cater to their different needs will make all the difference.

We’re definitely up for the challenge and hope to continue providing exemplary service to both our present and future clients. Go team Social Grooves! 🙌🎉

We at are pleased to serve. To learn more about who we are or for any inquiries, don’t hesitate to contact us!