How To Craft a Killer Facebook Post

How To Craft a Killer Facebook Post

In the digital era, Facebook has decidedly become a household name. Although dozens of newer platforms have popped up over the years, this tried-and-true platform remains as one of the most reliable ways for businesses both big and small to reach and convert their target audiences as well as establish and consolidate their social media efforts.

To cultivate a strong Facebook presence, companies need to create a consistent stream of high-quality content. In order to do so, the strategies digital marketing agencies come up with have to include a well-planned content calendar that takes into account the nature and unique specifications of the platform. 

Here are six crucial ingredients to crafting Facebook posts that will boost engagement, create conversions, and strengthen your brand’s social media identity. 


Clearly Defined Goals

For a Facebook post to be effective, it has to have a well-defined objective in place. The purpose of the post will influence the entire piece of content from post structure to visuals, copy, relevant links, and calls to action. It’s imperative to conduct a thorough brand analysis to establish your goals in order to optimise your social media efforts and resources.

Examples of Facebook post objectives are driving traffic, boosting engagement, increasing followers, or educating your audience. Once you’ve decided what you want the post to accomplish, it’s much easier to form a comprehensive plan for how the content can best reflect your vision in a way that appeals to your audience and drives them to action. 


Standout Visuals

A striking visual has the power to stop chronic scrollers in their tracks and make them zero in on your content. 

There are a variety of factors to consider when designing your visual. While stock photos can be a convenient and cost-effective way to illustrate your message, they often come across as generic, making it easy for your audience to move on to the next shiny thing that pops up on their newsfeed. However, a professional graphic designer will be able to craft original visual content that draws the eye and reflects your brand’s unique visual identity. 

Next, it’s important to adjust your visual’s format and resolution to be compatible with Facebook’s specifications in order to avoid having an essential part of your visual cut out or appear distorted. Facebook also recommends limiting in-visual text to less than 20% to optimise post performance. Finally,  almost 80% of Facebook users use the platform on their mobile devices, so adopting mobile-friendly formats such as vertical videos are a must. 


Great Copy

Compelling copywriting is integral to the success of your social media content- especially on Facebook posts. First off, captions should be brief enough to capture users’ increasingly short attention spans, but should also encompass the message you’re trying to convey in a way that appeals to the audience’s emotions and captures the brand’s personality.

When creating Facebook post captions, it’s also important to not fall into the click bait cliche by overloading your copy with business jargon and promotion-heavy phrases. This practice not only lacks subtlety, but causes the Facebook algorithm to limit your post’s visibility. 

In a nutshell, your captions should be concise and keep to your brand’s tone of voice, as well as help direct the audience to help you fulfil your business objectives without coming off as too much of a hard sell. 



Links are another essential component of a Facebook post. They help generate link clicks, which is a helpful metric to gauge your post’s engagement levels and help drive traffic to the website of your choice.

There are two ways to incorporate links into your Facebook content. The more well-known method is to add links directly into post captions; however, this often negatively affects the look of the post, particularly if the link is uncommonly long or complex. A great solution for these types of links are tools like Bitly, which create shortened versions of links with customisable tags. 

Another option is Facebook’s built-in link post function, which leverages on websites’ meta tags such as page titles, descriptions, and photos to form a link preview. Social media marketers only need to paste the selected link into the Facebook composer window to generate the preview, and can then opt to replace the link text with a personalised caption. Link posts are proven to be highly effective, generating twice as many clicks as their in-caption counterparts. 


A Compelling CTA

The final and arguably the most important part of a Facebook post is its call-to-action, or CTA. The CTA ties in with your post’s objective, encouraging the audience to like or follow the brand page, click a link to learn more, or purchase a product before a promotion ends.

Whatever the end goal, a great CTA utilises choice vocabulary to inspire a subconscious sense of urgency in the mind of the reader. This often involves using simple, but effective ‘power verbs’ such as ‘tap’, ‘subscribe’, or ‘adopt’, as well as language that conveys opportunity, exclusivity, or time sensitivity. 

CTAs don’t have to be overly pushy. They can be simple questions, such as ‘Interested to know more?’ or ‘What do you think?’. This helps the audience come to their own conclusions about your post content. If you’ve followed the steps above, their conclusions will help fulfil your content objectives. 


Final thoughts

We hope what was outlined above helps you get a better idea of what it takes to craft engaging, effective content to enhance your social media efforts. 

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