Gimmick Vs. Gamechanger: How Digital Marketing Agencies Can Benefit From Interactive Video Technology

Gimmick Vs. Gamechanger: How Digital Marketing Agencies Can Benefit From Interactive Video Technology

These days, the internet has grown into a highly oversaturated marketplace. Recent studies show that consumers have grown tired of the constant bombardment of ads across social media platforms. On YouTube, 65% of desktop users tend to skip video ads, and 84% do the same on mobile devices. 

As digital marketers, it can be incredibly frustrating to be on both sides of the content coin- viewing AND creating content that feels repetitive and uninspired. This predicament begs the question: how can agencies for digital marketing create content that not only stands out, but  inspires interactivity?


Introducing Interactive Video Technology

Thankfully, with increasing market saturation comes equally abundant technological innovation. Today, there are more tools and resources than ever designed to help digital marketers shift the paradigms of standard content creation. A great example of this is interactive video technology.

Interactive videos are characterized by their capability for in-video user interaction. In contrast with the traditional play, pause, rewind, fast forward and restart functions offered by linear videos, interactive video technology offers a wide, customisable range of channels for user interaction, such as clicking, dragging, scrolling, hovering, gestureles, and more. Essentially, with interactive videos, users get an immersive, gamified experience as opposed to the passive role of a viewer. 

Actionable elements of interactive videos include:

  • Hotspots: Clickable in-video elements that can take the viewer to an external web page or reveal other in-video content.
  • Branches: Various pathways for viewers to control and customize their viewing experience.
  • Data Inputs: In-video forms for viewers to enter information into, such as their personal and contact details.
  • 360 View: Grants users the capability to see in all directions of the video by clicking and dragging.
  • Quizzes: Utilises buttons and branching to give users an in-video quiz, revealing a personalized ending.


How to harness the power of interactive video technology

Before you jump on the interactive video trend, remember that there is a fine line between being cutting-edge and being gimmicky. Due to its relatively recent genesis, there is no copy and paste way to incorporate interactive videos into one’s marketing efforts. 

This is where a thoughtful application process comes into play. Marketers need to find ways to use interactive videos to enhance their content, rather than make a big show over nothing.  Here are some examples that illustrate how interactive technology has been harnessed successfully:

1. Deloitte’s Gamified Recruitment Experience

Will You Fit Into Deloitte – A Celebration

Leading global firm Deloitte partnered with Rapt Media to create a recruitment video where viewers were given a first-hand, interactive experience of a typical working day at Deloitte. Using branching and hotspots, the video presented the viewer with different workplace situations and the ability to select from a number of preset responses. Users received different results based on their choices, allowing them to gauge their alignment with Deloitte’s values and work culture. 

This is an excellent example of incorporating interactive elements into video content in a user-friendly, effective way. The video was a novel success with an average viewing time of four minutes, and outperformed a similar linear version on YouTube in terms of views. 


2. Honda Presents The Other Side

For this interactive video project, Honda teamed up with experts at Wirewax and Conjuring 2 director Daniel Wolfe to create a dual-storyline film showcasing two contrasting products in their line- the family-friendly Honda Civic and its more exciting cousin, the Civic Type R. This gamified video experience put viewers in the driver’s seat of the two cars, allowing them to hold the R key on their keyboards to switch between two storylines: a laid back suburban school run behind the wheel of the Honda Civic, and a dramatic art heist in the Civic Type R. 

According to the data gathered, viewers spent an average of three minutes watching the video- a significantly long period of time to spend on a car campaign. Due to its masterful editing and cinematic effects, the video won a Gold Lion in the 2015 Interactive Video category at Cannes.


3. Cookshop by Walmart

In view of the surge of online grocery shopping during Covid-19, Walmart collaborated with interactive content platform Eko to recreate the in-store grocery shopping experience for consumers. This resulted in Cookshop by Walmart-  a content-to-commerce experience that allowed users to explore countless recipe iterations within a series of interactive episodes, before clicking into the video to shop.

The platform was well received by consumers, with a 26% increase in likelihood to shop at Walmart for groceries, an 8.6% CTR (as opposed to the industry standard of 0.11-2.4%), and a whopping 47% increased perception of Walmart as the destination kitchen and cooking supplies.

These examples are only the tip of the iceberg. Interactive videos can be used in a myriad of other ways, such as demonstrations, training, coaching, product selection, and much more. In addition to Rapt, Wirewax, and Eko, there are plenty of other up-and-coming interactive video platforms dedicated to helping businesses craft engaging interactive video solutions accessible from a wide range of devices, such as DilogR and Spotful


Final thoughts

The great thing about interactive videos is that their potential goes far beyond interesting content. With this technology, businesses can track the choices consumers make within videos, determining conversion points and obtaining valuable data and consumer insights- think web pages integrated into videos!

On top of that, brands that successfully incorporate interactive video content into their businesses stand to generate a whole new level of buzz and enjoy the reputation of being technologically-savvy marketing trailblazers. However, results largely depend on brilliant concepts and killer execution. 

At Social Grooves, what separates us from other agencies is that we are not just willing, but eager to go the extra mile for our clients. Our penchant for cutting-edge technology and game-changing ideas paired with our drive to be pioneers in the digital marketing field creates limitless opportunities for brand growth and development. 

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