Year of multiple, high risk ventures

2012 will be a year of multiple, high risk ventures. Besides working hard to retain our existing clients through refreshing and simple ideas, we also aim to bring in a few more clients who are bold and daring to execute original but theoretically highly viral campaigns, very much like Wing Heong”s latest feat with Yuk Man. Our aim this year is to patch up on our execution, focusing to deliver as promised, and to keep ideas as simple and as exciting as possible. The reason for that?

Excitable simple ideas get across the communities and personalities much easier, and that has always been our focus from day one.

Apart from that, we at Socialgrooves have one key social media idea that we hope will take off by mid next year, and have it reach a global presence. If we can pull this off, not only will we help social media make sense, but also giving recognition to business and people when they deserve it! I can”t leak anything for now, but do stay tuned and follow us at our Facebook page or our Twitter handle if you want to know more.

Thanks for reading!