Malaysia Social Media Week (MSMW)

Malaysia Social Media Week (MSMW)

Malaysia Social Media Week (MSMW) is an annual event focused on utilizing & sharing the best practices in social media, featuring experts from all around the world:

1. Showcases & workshops on getting the best out of social media
2. Awards to recognize influencers & brands for high performance on social media
3. First to use a live response board to create global engagement

#MSMW faced two notable challenges:

1. MSMW’s goal is to accelerate Malaysia into the digital age, however, with no proper guidance and the fear of no engagement, many were hesitant about making the move.
2. Transforming a traditional conference into an engaging social media conference, while attracting the best speakers and delegates to participate in sharing their approach to maximizing returns on social media platforms

Strategy & Execution
We developed and managed online platforms for #MSMW, spreading awareness to the public and market a two-way benefit by:

1. Gather and share the latest updates of the ever-changing social media trends to achieve measurable public relations and awareness benchmarks
2. Attract stakeholders to invest in the conference ie: sponsors and corporate partners to project, orchestrate and execute original ideas through social media
3. Invite local and international speakers to share their expertise in the field to better help up and coming brands to increase visibility and be reachable to the mass

Views/Reach: In our years organizing for #MSMW, we were able to achieve a maximum reach of 21.2 million in a single year, with 20,104 active social media users.