Domino’s Pizza – #dTopSecret

Domino’s Pizza – #dTopSecret

Award: Nominated for Top 5 Best Digital Communication Strategy, Marketing-Interactive APAC
PR Awards 2016 (Awarded by Marketing-Interactive)

#dTopSecret is a digital campaign executed by SocialGrooves in partnership with both PR & Marketing departments of Dominos Pizza Malaysia, with intentions to:

Expose consumers to the newly redesigned, user-friendly Dominos website (PR)
2. Drive usage of the newly redesigned Dominos website (Marketing)
3. Promote the launch of a new pizza flavor (Marketing & PR)

#dTopSecret faced 2 significant challenges:

1. #dTopSecret required a wide variety of communications across different platforms, in different styles & tones of voice, in order to reach its targeted audience & achieve its intended effect
2. #dTopSecret was originally scheduled to run for 2 weeks – far too short a window

Strategy & Execution
We developed a system that was effectively Digital Guerilla Marketing – an aggressive combination of short-tail & long-tail Media & KOL engagements across multiple platforms designed to:

1. Maximize exposure & reach during the campaign period
2. Generate high levels of social buzz, talkability & shareability – effectively ensuring the campaign would go viral
3. Train consumers to use Domino’s new website to place orders, as opposed to order over the phone

Views/Reach: ~8m
Conversions: ~200% of KPI
Phase 1: ≥150% of KPI
– KPI Achieved before the halfway mark of campaign

Phase 2: ≥200% of KPI
– Phase 1 exceeded expectations to such a degree that client ordered an extension to the campaign (Phase 2)