OOjiBO – Fintech Startup Branding (Pre-Series A Funding)

OOjiBO – Fintech Startup Branding (Pre-Series A Funding)

Oojibo is a Singaporean FinTech startup that aims to increase financial inclusivity for the underserved market through digital means. Oojibo partnered with SocialGrooves.com to:

1. Develop a comprehensive digital plan to secure Pre-Series A Funding (Creative Strategy)
2. Boost visibility and engagement online of their company activities, leadership of the founders, team dynamics, and the guiding principles behind the startup (Brand Activation)

OOjiBO’s main challenges include:

1. OOjiBO’s products are aimed at the B2B/startup market, which severely limited the range of available creative strategies
2. The FinTech segment is difficult to explain or understand in layman terms

Strategy & Execution
We developed a multi-pronged approach to increase the visibility of OOjiBO within a short time frame:

1. Produce videos which featured interviews of the founders and team meant to capture the public’s interest
2. Utilise social media channels through the creation & utilization of Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter pages, and producing content that appealed to their target market
3. Develop OOjiBO’s digital corporate identity, including their logo and website design

OOjiBO successfully secured Pre-Series A Funding worth US$3.6 millions.