Bon Estates’ The Bloc Party – Find Your Dream House

  • Epic Communities Exhibition Installation

  • Craft your home with Bon Estates

  • Marketing Director Ms Angeline Liau (Left) and MD Goh Soo Sing (Right) interacting with guests.

  • John-Hans Oei, Chief Strategy Officer of Microbs sharing more about sustainable living

  • The Good Co Founder Ms Levy Li at The Good Co’s specially curated food fest booth

  • Media and invited guests checking out the interactive survey installation

  • Bon Estates MD , Mr Goh Soo Sing (Left), Mr John-Son Oei, CEO of Epic Communities (Right)

  • Bon Estates Managing Director, Mr Goh Soo Sing

  • Bon Estates the bloc party

    Epic communities exhibition installation

Campaign Description

#SizeTheBloc, was a simple yet elegant funnel, designed to promote “The Bloc Party” – an event that was to be held at APW Bangsar. The intentions were to:
Generate public awareness & interest in a one-off, standalone event.
Collect valuable data from attendees.
#SizeTheBloc was announced as a companion personality quiz & contest to The Bloc Party that gave participants a chance to win “The Home of their Dreams”.

These were the challenges #SizeTheBloc faced :
1. Event awareness was deemed too costly, and not foolproof.
2. We needed to attract a younger audience, and turn surveys (something everyone considers dull & tedious) into something intriguing, fascinating.

Strategy & Execution
To bridge the gap, we needed to “appeal” to the target market. Viral awareness method was applied.
1. The content & message was spread by word of mouth – creating buzz in an organic way, and spread through natural channels.
2. A lead generation application was developed, based off the popular personality quiz : “Find The Home of Your Dreams”

All in all, there was a 65% increase in Facebook likes at the end of the campaign. The e-mails that were sent out boasted a high email open rate of 56%, again demonstrating the level of interest by the participants. The popularity of the quiz managed to garner a very high level of organic awareness for Bon Estates!

Campaign Details

Client: Bon Estates

Tags: App & Web Development, Content Creation, Creative Strategy, Digital Strategy

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