Durex – #SomebodyLikeMe

Durex – #SomebodyLikeMe

#SomebodyLikeMe was the Malaysian localization of Durex’s global CSR campaign ‘Someone Like Me’.

The purpose was to:
1. Promote safe sex and condom use to the public through the use of social media campaigns and influencer engagement.
2. Target potential Durex users while at the same time, in a way that is not focused on sex itself, but through social awareness.

The #SomebodyLikeMe campaign was challenging because:
1. The global campaign needed to be modified before it could be marketed in Malaysia due to the taboo and sensitivities surrounding sex.
2. Because of conservative culture, the available creative strategies were limited.

Strategy & Execution
These are the strategies for the #SomebodyLikeMe campaign:
1. Engaged influencers who have had certain experience on issues related to safe sex, including those who’ve had friends or loved ones diagnosed with HIV and got them to share their own experiences on how it could be “someone like them”.
2. Utilized an influencer tier system, with tier 1 comprised of big names such as Marina Mahathir, Niki Cheong, Reuben Kang, Jinny Boy, and several tier 2 influencers to support tier 1, and tier 3 influencers to support tier 1 and 2.
3. Called netizens to share a photo of them with the hashtag #SomebodyLikeMe with stories on people with HIV and feelings of rejection, sexual education, and calls to treat people with HIV with love and respect, which synergized with tier 1 influencers efforts.

1. Engaged 10,000 Malaysians on HIV and AIDS and 400,000 reached nationwide.
2. Earned a 3-page cover on the Star 2, that featured tier 1 influencers in a photoshoot.
3. Empowered people living with HIV, with several Malaysians even coming out on their positive HIV status.