Domino’s Pizza – #BulanBonus CorpoRAID

Domino’s Pizza – #BulanBonus CorpoRAID

Many Malaysians feel the pinch financially during income tax season – but where many saw only pain, we saw an opportunity for Domino’s Malaysia to do something positive for the rakyat, and thus, Bulan Bonus was born:

1. To give back to the people who needed it most
2. To celebrate the unsung heroes of Malaysia
3. To do both at a time when the rakyat would feel the hardest pinch financially.

Dominos’ Bulan Bonus faced two challenges in this campaign:

1. Dominos needed strategic ideation to attract customers to spread and participate in #BulanBonus as it’s all about giving back and honouring the unsung heroes.
2. With a relatively large fan base, Dominos needed to drive the orders to a secure and stable platform.

<strong>Strategy &amp; Execution</strong>
We developed a fully-automated, mobile-friendly application to make participating in Bulan Bonus as simple as possible:

1. Maximize the exposure of #BulanBonus campaign on all platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter)
2. Design simple steps to encourage the public to participate – 3 simple steps, fill in details, nominate 3 names to receive the bonus and send
3. Extend the grand gesture for people to nominate organizations or companies to commemorate the unsung heroes

<strong>Views/Reach:</strong> 2.3 million Reach, 12 million Impressions across 3 platforms (Instagram, Twitter, &amp;
The Bonus Letters (delivered as e-mails) were a hit, achieving an Open Rate of 60% for senders and 42% for recipients.