Student Engagement Center (SEC)

Campaign Description

The Student Engagement Center (SEC) aims to be a coalition or an umbrella body for interest and hobbies-based societies across Peninsular Malaysia, Sabah and Sarawak. The organization serves as a common platform of interaction for college and university students across the region, fostering greater synergy between students in different locations and of different tertiary education system by placing emphasis on community building through interests, leadership development and a more effective method of communication with the advent of the internet age.

We believe the union of students from all differing background will lead to a myriad of beneficial activities in form of many collaborations, especially when the leaders of each society are brought together into the same room. As they always say, put bright people together in a room, and something good will surely come out of it. Hence, SEC’s vision is to be able to address both national and global issues at large, with the help of EYE, corporates, NGOs, the government and other youth organizations.

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