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Being an avid reader since young, David made books as his source of knowledge and read diligently on the art. Sleight of hand became his foundation as well as his early school days obsession. David never had a mentor or was under any former tutelage , therefore had to rely solely on good magician friends and lots of lonely practice sessions in front of the mirror. His schoolmates and teachers became his guinea pigs to test his new routines and over time, he got into a lot of disciplinary action for bringing poker cards to school that of course did not deter him from practicing his card sleights in class.

David brought his early act to the rugged streets of Kuala Lumpur. Literally. He needed to know how audience responded to what he performed and gained a magnitude of experience by doing this. He performed to every genre available and at almost every environment possible. Clubs which he was not eligible to enter yet , restaurants , bus stations, side walks and even the football field in front of his house were practice grounds to test his skills. They say a salesman job is tough , imagine a 15 year old boy walking to a stranger and say, ` Can I show you something ?You might get arrested here doing that in the wrong way

After getting positive feedback and encouraging reactions from random audiences , David finally got noticed by the media . CHINA PRESS ran a cover story on him and then shortly followed by The STAR. The STAR reporter, Izwan Shah who interviewed him was so impressed , he ran a full 3 page article on David . Live interviews on TV3 and 8TV followed suit and corporate shows started pouring in by huge numbers . David was 16 then , performing to audiences thrice his age

David’s style of magic differentiates him from the rest . He does mentalism , a subdivision of magic dealing with the human mind . David incorporates metal bending , mind reading , hypnotic persuasion and telekinesis demonstrations into his acts . Nevertheless , his main aim is always to entertain his audience . He always positions himself as an entertainer first and uses magic as his means to entertain .

These days , David performs regularly for corporate companies , celebrity parties and private functions . One of the most sought after close-up performers in the country , David’s performance is elegant , professional , and definitely entertaining . Audience are treated to an experience they’ll talk about long after the show is over . David also performs regularly for international clients and is frequently away for performances in the Middle East and Europe .




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