Who Are We?

We’re a social branding digital agency that specializes in connecting businesses to online communities where your target consumers, market and fans are digital present. We create this connection with your brand’s best interest at heart, while making it an authentic & joyful experience for the consumers so that to ensure your business goals are met.

Envisioned at the end of 2010 & incorporated in 2013 with partners totaling more than 20 years of experience, is led by our award-winning digital branding specialist and CEO Christopher Tock and his partner in crime, Kendrick Ng who serves to fill in the need of an effective yet prudent role that you can safely outsource the branding of your image. Your brand will be our responsibility, from A to Z.

Our Vision

We are a Social Media Agency specializing in trend-setting content marketing & outreach. We work as a team to help transform ideas, values and vision into a professional marketing solution to communicate and support a business’s strategic goal as well as being relatable to its target audience.

Our Mission

To enable the best 360° digital marketing strategy with the aim of sustaining a meaningful relationship between brands & communities.
To create an ecosystem where both businesses & communities thrive alongside each other to become apart of the growing digital economy.

With our foundation built on digital content creation & effective influencer marketing, we create the perfect conversion & conversational funnel for
your brand.

Our Value

Since 2010, we’ve helped non-profit organisations design and implement social advocacy and communications campaign to better the world and our communities. Now, we’re ready to take on larger organizations, private, public and governmental institutions.

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