A festive message from the COO – socialgrooves.com

A festive message from the COO – socialgrooves.com

To our beloved clients, vendors, and esteemed guests

Looking back from the day MCO started, I am amazed at how fast the industry is changing. As the festive season is upon us, it’s time for us to reflect upon the good things we’re blessed with. There’s no better time for us to acknowledge those who have helped shape our business by embracing the new norm.

As said by the prime minister, the feeling of sadness and despair of not being able to return home for the upcoming festive season is perfectly understandable, but in the interest of the public safety and health, “balik kampung” inter-state travel will not be allowed because COVID-19 is a silent enemy that can attack any time.

For some, especially those with parents staying in other states, this Aidilfitri, Kaamatan and Gawai celebration may be a sad one as some of us cannot kiss their parents’ hands to seek forgiveness, which is the norm for Muslims on the morning of Hari Raya. And to Kadazandusuns the Ibans they unable to dance, drink, and to feast themselves with the various spread of food normally prepared on these festivals.

Fortunately, despite the Covid-19 pandemic, the upcoming Hari Raya Aidilfitri, Kaamatan and Gawai celebrations will still be festive this year with the conditions allowed by the government. Despite the many difficulties we all face, I would like to re-assure you that Social Grooves remains fully committed to doing everything we can to support you through this difficult time. We’d like to express our sincerest appreciation to all of you, for the utmost trust shown in us.

On behalf of SocialGrooves.com, we would like to wish our Muslim friends Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri; our Kadazandusun friends Kotobian Do Tadao Do Kaamatan and to our Iban friends, Selamat Hari Gawai Dayak, Gayu Guru Gerai Nyamai.

Best Wishes,
Kendrick Ng
COO of SocialGrooves.com

Best wishes from Kendrick Ng, COO of SocialGrooves.com